Mastodon - Cold Dark Place | EP Review

2017 marks the year of the Mastodon. Not only have fans been treated to one of the best albums since Crack The Skye with the sensational Emperor Of Sand, but out of nowhere – BOOM! – the Georgian quartet announce a new EP, Cold Dark Place. Promises of a proggier follow-up were made by the band did get us excited, but we couldn’t help but feel a little cautious with what they had hidden up their sleeve.

In a nutshell, CDP can easily be likened to the band’s Crack The Skye era; sculpting out similar textural landscapes and tones in a considerably denser time-span. With homages that are inescapable to the 2009 masterpiece, CDP manages to retain its own identity with themes and motifs that are unique to this EP. Out of their more recent catalogue, it the easiest listen but doesn’t lack in the potency department either.

With every Mastodon venture, they send you on a journey that only gets longer and deeper the further you let your mind wander. CDP gives off the uncanny sensation of a nomadic ramble through a darkened forest, as you gradually become lost and isolated – and then more lost; then a bit more isolated... then lost again for good measure.

Don’t expect stomping mammoth riffs here, but a vast array of grooves and rhythms that are rooted in country, bluegrass and ‘70s rock. Simply ecstasy on the ear holes. A far cry from 'Remission' or 'Leviathan', considering the direction Mastodon have been rolling towards over their past few records this comes as no surprise, much to our delight. Anyone who complains otherwise is simply delusional.

One thing that does set it back is that it’s over too quickly (for a Mastodon EP anyway). Call us spoiled, and we’re certainly not complaining about them chucking this gem our way, but a full album of what CDP offers up is a far more alluring notion we can’t help but salivate over. They really know how to leave us wanting more – fucking teasers! Score: 8.5/10 Facebook:/Mastodon Twitter: @mastodonmusic