Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Disomus | Album Review

The mid 00’s were a special time for heavy music. The immense popularity of what became to be known as Deathcore was at an all time high, every man and their dog seemed to be peddling their wears of death metal and hardcore infused beatdowns upon everyone with a Myspace profile and six inch long fringe. One band in 2005 however, took what was becoming a very stagnant, almost fad of a genre and gave it a well-deserved kick up the arse. That band was Through the Eyes of the Dead.

Soon as ‘Two inches from a main artery’ reached the ears of many impressionable youngsters, on the search for the step in brutality. You can only imagine the bodies being flung around to their impeccable noise. After tearing up the playing field and going into hiding for seven years, Through the Eyes of the Dead are back with their new album Disomus.

Disomus picks up exactly where their previous records like Skepsis and Bloodlust left off. Each song is a solid slab of brutal death metal and hard as nails breakdowns, giving pit warriors exactly what they’ve been after from a new record. Despite the time off, Through the Eyes of the Dead continue to excel in writing well-crafted beatdown mosh parts, still showing their peers how it’s done. Also throughout the record is some excellent use of melody, giving a nod to bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder or even Nile in some parts, showcasing some progression within the songwriting.

What holds the record back from being a truly great death metal record however, is the familiarity of every song. Whilst not divulging far from their previous material, each one of Disomus’ songs could easily be swapped onto one of their older records. This not being necessarily a negative point, but with other artists like Venom Prison, Cattle Decapitation and Artificial Brain pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within death metal, Disomus at times sounds pretty by numbers.

Despite the previous criticisms, this is by no means a bad or even average record. Even after countless run-throughs, you’ll still find yourself throwing spin kicks in your living room to songs like Stygian Maelstrom. By playing to their strengths, Through the Eyes of the Dead have made a straight forward, no thrills, no bullshit record that continues to prove they’re still big hitters within their scene. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/tteotd Twitter: @tteotd