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Following the release of her debut EP “Sketches”, Toronto based singer-songwriter Andi is back with new single “Half Home.” The twenty-two year old artist was recently nominated as one of the top four independent artists by CBC’s Searchlight Competition. Her nine piece live band boats of Humber Jazz graduates Juno nominated musicians who will add another dimension to her already eclectic musical sound.

Inspired by an array of different genres, Andi takes pride in personally writing and producing tracks that “combine to form a sound that is truly representative of me.” Currently, in the process of writing her upcoming record, Andi’s songwriting focus is on exploring social issues and communicating the realities of the human condition.

The introspective new single “Half-Home” journals a period where she found herself constantly on the road, unsettled and floating between rehearsals, gigs and crashing in her car. A feel good piece of indie-pop, the track features jaunty guitars, punchy drumming, and laid-back, soft bass lines. The focal point is Andi’s high vocals which begin in quick-paced, sharp succession but then slow to a listless, dreamy state during the choruses. The third verse had an element of Lana del Rey in its vocal but was enriched with the added depth of the lyrics and grit of guitar.

Documenting the existential confessions of growing up (“I’m afraid, I’m the same girl as yesterday”) and the worries that plague us surrounding “progression”, the track is about the transitionary stage of life. Writing this track helped Andi to “embrace living in a state of change” and will no doubt be a relatable, and hopefully comforting track, to the countless others experiencing the same.


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