Gallery 47 - Adversity Breeds | Album Review

With the essence of Woodstock laced with the current affairs and the struggles of life, Adversity Breeds by Gallery 47 is a gorgeous look into the difficulties of being young in the world today. Many of the tracks in Adversity Breeds follow the theme of pining after old, toxic relationships. These are all beautifully composed, with a variety of different tones that make each familiar story feel unique and will have you hypnotised by the band’s haunting use of guitars and drums. The middle of the album steps away from the conventional bad romances. ‘Emigrate’, for example, is an introverted look into an idyllic future the artists dream of. ‘In Odessa’, also takes a break from the love cycle. This dark harmony eloquently reminisces on the pains that many of us today have seen or even lived through – terror, war, and hate built on ignorance. Even if folk isn’t your thing, Adversity Breeds is worth a listen just for ‘In Odessa’. Having these songs in the centre of the album helps to break up the breakups, and makes listening to Adversity Breeds in a block session flow better. Overall, Gallery 47’s Adversity Breeds sounds like it should be accompanied by footage of people in paisley shirts, looking up at the camera in grassy fields through sepia tones. It is a beautiful addition to your folk collection, especially if you’re a fan of The Beatles or similar. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/Gallery47 Twitter: @Gallery47 [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]