The Black Dahlia Murder - Nightbringers | Album Review

When a band reach their eighth album, most of the time said record is decent enough to warrant a listen, but never up to the standard the artist sets themselves so early on within their career. Most bands however, aren’t The Black Dahlia Murder.

Nightbringers being The Black Dahlia Murder’s eighth album in what has been a long, well received, well revered career. The record is not just their finest work since their highly praised epic Nocturnal, Nightbringers is more arguably the bands finest work to date.

With Nightbringers, you get exactly what you would expect from a Black Dahlia Murder record: Intense riffs and beautiful soaring melody lines that force you to headbang your entire skull to dust. Vocals so grim you can’t help but throw a claw in the air and scream your lungs out. Blast beats so fast you start to wonder what cardio workout their drummer does for this shit.

What makes this record better than anything they’re previously graced our ears with however, is they’ve taken all these elements we know, love and appreciate about them and refined them to such perfection It’s almost an art form. You just can’t even imagine where this band is going to go next after this. Each song has it’s own merits it can stand tall and be shouted about, with the anthemic headbang-athon of the album title track, to the flat out savagery of ‘Catacomb Hecatomb’ and ‘Of God and Serpent, Of Specter and Snake’. This really is a record that will nail your (figurative) balls to the wall.

The only slightest bit of criticism that this record can muster is the fact it’s over took quickly. Sitting at a total of around thirty-three minutes, it leaves you champing at the bit for more, despite spoiling listeners with ten blistering tracks of all killer, no filler material.

In short, With Nightbringers The Black Dahlia Murder have once again shown the world they are a band that is not to be fucked with. A band that are so far ahead in the game they can throw out instant classics like it’s Childs play. Nightbringers proves to world that The Black Dahlia Murder is American death metal’s national treasure. A national treasure, that hopefully sticks around to release another eight albums at the very least. Score: 10/10 Facebook:/theblackdahliamurderofficial Twitter: @bdmmetal You can check out our recent interview with Trevor from the band here: