You Win Again Gravity - Anonymity | Album Review

You would be forgiven for not being too familiar with You Win Again Gravity, as their debut EP Let Go Lightly was only released in the latter part of 2016, but they are already back with a stunning followup in the form of an 8 track 'mini album'. The British post-hardcore outfit are unique in the way they blend math and progressive elements with more traditional post-hardcore staples to get a style that is completely unique to them. Anonymity showcases the immense growth of the band's sound since their debut release and it's certainly an album you should have on your radar.

The opener, 'Phonetics' is a really dynamic track that demonstrates the band's musical versatility and range. From its bread and butter post-hardcore verses to its brilliantly unusual chorus sections, this track sets the tone for the rest of the album and gives you little taste of things to come. The super bouncy opening riff grabs your attention right off the bat and then it throws you straight into a super high energy verse: this track will definitely go down well in a live set.

The first single from the album, 'Grace and Focus', which debuted on Alex Baker's Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show, is an absolute belter. The vocal performance on this track perfectly showcases Jack Jennings' vast skillset by way of impressive highs and powerful chorus sections.

The title track that closes the album is a 7 minute, technical masterpiece. 'Anonymity' takes heavy breakdowns, long instrumental sections, and some excellent math elements, and it combines them all into this long, winding journey to perfectly close the album. The instrumental sections at times echo bands like CHON and early Periphery, but all are executed with YWAG's own unique style. Interesting rhythms and melodies keep you interested and on your toes throughout.

You Win Again Gravity have created something that really sets them apart in today's somewhat over saturated post-hardcore market. It's refreshing to see a band trying something new and different and in this case, it has really paid off. If this album is anything to go by, expect more great things from YWAG in the future. Score: 8.5/10 Facebook:/YouWinAgainGravity Twitter: @YWAGband