Canvas - Worry | Album Review

Making a record that brings great style, emotion and originality can be difficult especially with the divided opinions of what ‘post-hardcore’ should really sound like whether it be heavy and aggressive, or more dark and emotional. However, British rock band Canvas bring across something that fits into both these categories with their new album Worry.

‘Worry’ itself is presented as a dark and atmospheric record as a whole. Darker, more simplistic tracks such as ‘Haunt You’ help to set the darker foundations of the album. Even from the opening track of ‘Stay A While’, the record creates a depth that gives a push further into the darker side of the post-hardcore genre. This atmospheric base of the album runs throughout, but is further explored through various tracks such as ‘Alive’, which brings the same mysterious dark feel to the album, yet brings more eerie elements to the changing style of the track, especially through the quiet spoken word division towards the end of the track.

Bringing a high impacting kick to a song, while bringing in the same raw emotion is something Canvas present almost flawlessly throughout ‘Worry’. Standout track ‘Hospital Beds’ brings in the perfect blend of vocal styles, bringing in heartfelt singing vocals while incorporating a raw edge to the emotional track. This clever emotional talent also shines through ‘Loveless’, bringing visceral emotion throughout and further reinforcing that the band can bring astounding emotion through their different musical styles.

While this album is tailored towards a more heavy style of music, Canvas aren’t afraid to play around with styles from time to time such as an eerie spoken message through ‘Alive’ through to a more stripped back track such as ‘Haunt You’. ‘C.O.L.D’ however, does bring a more isolated feel, amplifying the vocals and the meaning of the song while still maintaining the aggressive tone throughout.

Overall, Canvas have brought together an impactful, well crafted album that truly brings across their style and musicality as a band. ‘Worry’ is an album not to be worried about as it certainly shows great talent all the way through.

Score: 8.5/10 Facebook:/wearecanvasuk Twitter: @wearecanvasuk