Treehouse - Thanks For Everything/Thanks For Nothing | EP Review

Treehouse – Thanks For Everything: Thanks For Nothing - Review

Coming into the world with their debut EP Thanks For Everything / Thanks For Nothing are indie duo Treehouse. Bringing their own simplistic foundations into their variation of alternative indie rock, the band have started to ramp up their creative style from beginning to end.

Treehouse bring a rather minimalistic sound to their EP, with mellow guitar patterns and beats bringing a calming vibe to tracks such as ’Dandelion’. Nevertheless, simplistic is a style that Treehouse pull off well, not bringing such complicated techniques to their tracks but instead bringing an almost tranquil, relaxing atmosphere to their music which echoes throughout the entire EP.

Notably, while a lot of the EP follows mellow vibe, the band aren’t afraid to show the odd sections of experimental ideas in their tracks. ‘Milk Bottles’ brings a contrast of a simple guitar track with more gritty, raw vocals and while this may not always fit at its best, it proves that the band aren’t afraid to try and experiment. ‘Saturday Morning Cartoons’ stands out the most on this EP as Treehouse create the perfect blend of gritty vocals and interesting backing, something that slightly slipped through on ‘Milk Bottles’.

Treehouse have created a good start for themselves with Thanks For Everything / Thanks For Nothing, and show that they are laying the basis for experimentation in their music. With a bit more confidence in genre mixing, experimentation and a slight alteration in vocal techniques, this band will have something huge on their hands.

Rating: 6.5/10

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