Live Review: New Found Glory w/ ROAM at Rock City, Nottingham | 3/10/17

It’s clear that Florida pop punk legends New Found Glory are showing no signs of slowing down, bringing their 20 years of pop punk tour to Nottingham’s Rock City, alongside Brit punks Roam.

Opening for such a prestigious band is a pretty big deal, but Roam [7] show no signs of intimidation, exploding onto the stage and oozing copious amounts of energy from the off. The Eastbourne quintet sound much tighter than expected, displaying an impressively mature structure whilst keeping fans rallied up. Frontman Alex Costello is the powerhouse of this group, taking every opportunity to get involved with fans. Crowd favourites are apparent, with 'Warning Sign' and 'Hopeless Case' attracting masses of fan attention. This clearly worked in the band’s favour; the surge prompted an extremely tight performance of these hits, highlighting the band’s talent. Roam are certainly putting their message out; UK pop punk is well and truly in bloom.

ROAM: Photo Credit - Stevie Swarts

Before New Found Glory [9] reach the stage, anticipation is already at an all-time high – sing alongs and chanting fill the room, which transcends into roars of admiration as the Florida legends take the stage. With two full albums to perform, the guys take no time in bursting into Sticks and Stones opener 'Understatement'. Beer flies through the air, with the room jumping and moshing incessantly. By the end of the song, frontman Jordan Pundik is dripping with sweat; it’s impossible to not be impressed by their enthusiasm and energy. Taking on a back and forward approach, NFG stride into self-titled hit 'Second to Last', showcasing the much loved raw and angsty side of their backlog. The night is filled with fast-paced hits from both self-titled and Sticks and Stones, with singles such as 'Boy Crazy', 'Forget My Name' and 'All About Her', showcasing their incredibly tight discography from over the years.

New Found Glory: Photo Credit - Stevie Swarts

As well as Pundik’s ceaseless energy, guitarist Chad Gilbert is a crucial element to their live performance, providing angsty back-up vocals and raging solos. However, after following and watching this band perform for over a decade, it’s clear that the sound this evening is not as sharp as usual. Gilbert’s guitar is excessively overpowered by bass; sound engineering as poor as this is disappointing. However, it’s extremely easy to look past those elements when their stage presence is as incredible as ever.

It’s only natural that NFG finish with fan favourite 'My Friends Over You'. Synchronised bouncing commences, and the crowd once again go crazy. The admiration shining through the packed out venue can only prove that this song will never die. And for that matter, neither will New Found Glory. A truly incredible performance as always by the quartet, with sound issues being the only flaw in this performance - Long live NFG.


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