Premiere: PEAKS 'Eden'

South Wales is currently thriving and the music scene in particular has never looked stronger with bands and artists becoming increasingly successful. A genre in which this is most definitely the case is Melodic Metal and Post Hardcore; Dream State, Holding Absence, Casey.

The genre's latest offering comes from fresh new four piece PEAKS. PEAKS are a female fronted band with roots that stretch all over the UK. Their music encompasses various styles and genres from a plethora of influences. As a band they come from backgrounds in Grunge, Classical, Hardcore, Metal, Prog and even Indie.

Coming out of the gates swinging, the band have announced their inception and dropped a video all at the same time. Their debut single 'Eden' is a promising start point that boasts all of the flare and spark you would hope for in a new band. Check out the brand new video for 'Eden' below:

PEAKS have huge potential so make sure to check out 'Eden' and follow the band!