GWAR - The Blood Of Gods | Album Review

Thirty-three years on, fourteen albums and a silly amount of member changes, yet the joke still hasn’t gotten old. Not letting the tragic passing of founding member Dave ‘Oderus Urungus’ Brockie in 2014, destroy their passion - GWAR are back to menace the human race once again with their newest brain-hammering racket The Blood of Gods.

The record pretty much picks up where their last record Battle Maximus left off. Packed to the brim full of social commentary in their trademark brand of humour and silliness they’ve forged their career out of, which should please even the most stubborn of GWAR fans.

Opening tracks 'War on GWAR' and 'Viking Death Machine' are a pretty standard affair. Once you make it past these tracks is where the album really starts to get into its stride. Tracks like 'I’ll Be Your Monster' showcasing some rock n’ roll swagger most classic rock bands wish they could pull off, or 'El Presidente' bringing the thrash riffs to the table.

Auroch is a particular standout - with its perfect blends of New York hardcore meeting eighties crossover thrash. A sound that hasn’t been replicated this well since Power Trip burst onto the scene. Moments like this give the record some much needed variation and excitement. Other moments however, make you want to throw your laptop out your flat window. With the latter half of the album tending to be more filler than killer. Despite a slight return to former glory with 'Phantom Limb' featuring an absolute behemoth of a chorus with some of the best riffs across the entire album.

Overall, The Blood of Gods is a solid record. Longtime fans won’t be disappointed with GWAR’s latest output. In a live scenario, where they tend to thrive and excel, these songs will go down in a blood-drenched storm. For the casual fan or your first experience of GWAR, don’t expect to be losing any sleep over it. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/gwar Twitter: @GWARofficial