Live Review | Still Remains w/ Carcer City & Wars At Sheffield Corporation | 08/10/2017

After last seeing Michigan metalcore favourites Still Remains over a decade ago, the 6 piece have once again graced the UK, bringing along Merseyside metal outfit Carcer City, alongside UK based Wars to Sheffield’s legendary Corporation.

Having only a couple of years under their belt, opening band Wars [7] sure know how to pack a punch. Reigning from Rugby, UK, the midlands quintet excel in ferocity, with aggressive growls filling the room. Their perfect balance with clean vocal takes us back to the noughties, with clear influences from bands such as Killswitch Engage echoing around the room. These guys certainly sound tight, with frontman Rob Vicars slaying those classic grainy vocals we’re so accustomed to. As well as vocals, chaotic riffs give this band a serious oomph, along with powerhouse breakdowns tearing through the already busy venue. A great first impression from a band with extreme potential.

Wars - Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley

Main support Carcer City [8] take no time in introducing themselves, exploding straight into their set. Much like Wars, CC embrace both clean vocals and vicious growls, catapulting us right back into the early 2000’s. It’s clear that singles from last year’s release; Infinite Unknown are real crowd pleasers, with fans starting to get rowdy. These guys set themselves apart from the competition, with each song structures holding its own individual sound. Their breakdowns sound unreal, with frontman Patrick Pinion’s exorcist-like stage presence keeping fans hooked. Single 'Sovereign' is a clear highlight of this set, embracing Pinion’s impressive cleans, as well as supplying the biggest drop of the set. It’s easy to see why these guys were chosen for this tour; metalcore at its finest, with some of the biggest breakdowns around.

Carcer City - Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley

As headline time approaches, the venue is full to the brim. To no surprise, the crowd roars as lights drop. Striding straight into 'To Live and Die by Fire' proves nothing but consistency with these guys; they’ve certainly still got it. Recovering a backlog of singles from multiple releases sends the crowd into madness, with fan favourite 'Recovery' initiating roars across the room. Frontman TJ Miller barely pauses between hits, putting every inch of energy into his performance. This is clear throughout the band, who embrace and praise the crowd for their loyalty throughout the show. Older hit 'I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands' is a testament to the diehard fans gathered around the front, who mosh incessantly in admiration. Miller takes a moment to proclaim the release of a new album, and reassures the fans that it won’t be another 10 years between visits, before tearing into final hit 'The Worst Is Yet to Come' and diving into the crowd. This single sounds as fresh as it did in 2005, which is praised excessively by a wild crowd, who scream lyrics back at Miller, before the band depart. This performance all but confirms that despite over a decade of waiting, Still Remains [9] are well and truly back, and have more than proved that they still have what it takes to be in this scene.

Still Remains - Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley