Movements - Feel Something | Album Review

After the success of their previous EP Outgrown Things, Movements are slowly rising up the popularity ranks with their individual style revitalising the ‘emo-indie’ genre. Even before its announcement in September 2017, the bands new album Feel Something has been highly anticipated by fans across the world and they have certainly lived up to their high expectations.

Movements aim to leave an impact on their listeners, and they do so through the various styled tracks on the album. ‘Submerge’ is probably one of the most atmospheric pieces the quintet have released to this date, giving a spacious empty feel while incorporating raw vulnerability to show the suffering of being lost in loneliness.

Perhaps what makes this album stand out so much, is the true emotion and inner turmoil through each and every track, something that never fails to appear through the album. Leading single ‘Colourblind’ brings along the heavy questioning apparent through the album giving listeners an insight into the rest of the album before it's released. Yet, second single ‘Deadly Dull’ brings a track that’s more deeply weighted than many of the others. Movements aren’t afraid to incorporate curiosity and questioning of humans within their music, with vocalist Patrick Miranda questioning ‘What’s it like to be erased’ throughout the track. The track flows through into a good build-up, similar to ‘Deep Red’, helping to emphasise the deeply rooted meanings of the tracks.

On the other hand, through the darker, heavier tracks shine the lighter tracks of ‘Daylily’ and ‘Fever Dream’. Bringing tender vocal aspects, the former brings up an underlying idea of hope, a subtle yet immersive idea once truly recognised. While the latter holds a more stripped back pattern, yet perfectly captures the essence of loneliness through the gritty vocals presented, especially as the track develops, ending with a haunting echo of ‘goodbye’. Despite not being a light track, ‘The Grey’ at first may appear lighter and more simplistic, but slowly develops through into something darker. However, it still brings the same grittier vocals presented in ‘Fever Dream’, but starts to weave them deeper into the developing track bringing a strong ending track that isn’t too out of place with the rest of the album.

One clear thing about this album, is that it really does get listeners to feel something. The album itself is a mix of both deeply rooted suffering and different questioning curiosities, a mix that balances the album well. However, this brings differences to the album, adding various little differences in style and theme making each track individual. Movements aim to leave an impact on their listeners, and just one listen through this album proves that they can leave long lasting impacts on their listeners. While these indie rockers still have far to go, this album is an exceptional start for them, and gives them a multitude of options as to where to head next. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/MovementsCA Twitter: @MovementsCA


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