Live Review | Amber Run w/ Seafret | Tramshed Cardiff

Seafret [7] are the openers of the night. The duo's acoustic indie vibe bodes well with this eager and vocal crowd. Their quirky aura shines through in 'Atlantis' and 'Wildfire' where vocalist Jack Sedman gives a beautifully effortless vocal delivery with raspy undertones that light up the room especially in the chorus of each song.

New offering 'Monsters' sounds huge with it's dark and gritty verse that is uplifted by a chorus that is catchy as hell. It is easy to overlook the talent of the second half of the duo Harry Draper who single-handedly supplies the entire musical background for every song. Switching between his acoustic, to the electric guitar and then to the keyboard Draper makes the transition seem extremely easy.

With tonnes of character and a raw sound that resonates fantastically live, especially considering they are only a duo, Seafret boast an impressive talent. In addition to this, the duo's new music showcased tonight is lively and hugely catchy. There is definitely potential here and though Seafret may not have spurred on the crowd enough to get their hips shaking, they did manage to woo and charm their way into many a 'Chill' playlist.

Amber Run [9] burst onto stage with an outburst of emotion from the crowd. There is absolutely no doubting who they are here to see. Opening with “Pilot”, the band's presence onstage is both energetic and passionate with an injection of bounce in their step. Amping it up to 11 with “Spark” the crowd is electric only two songs in whilst “It’s Just My Soul Responding” ropes in the stragglers in the crowd with its huge singalong chorus.

With the new album came a slightly darker vibe providing less of those big poppy choruses but providing more of a gritty mature sound. Queue “Dark Bloom” and it carries over extremely well. The song provides a moment to really take in vocalist Joshua Keogh's ability and range whilst fully losing his shit on stage and rocking out. The instrumental blowouts (whole band going fully mad) is a real masterclass too. Again in “Island” the instrumental breaks are on a gargantuan level. The contrast works well between the subtle changes in songs from each album.

It may come as absolutely no surprise to any Amber Run fans reading this but both“5AM” and “Noah” goes absolutely off. Both tracks are crucial hits to have come from the bands debut albums and it is easy to see why they are now a staple part of Amber Run's live show. On with the encore that opens with “Haze" right after Keogh states “This ones not a friday night belter but it means a lot to us.” He isn't wrong, it doesn't really pack any kind of impact but it does instill a sense of admiration from a crowd that stand in silence and awe.

“I Found” follows with crowd participation at 100%. The song is probably the bands biggest sounding one the band has created and really makes its impact live as much as it does in the version with the choir that the band released. Closing with “No Answers” Keogh provides the final comment of the night on how important the song is stating “We almost gave this shit up... and then we wrote this song.” It provides the perfect end to the show whilst the band exert their final morsels of energy they have left to offer.

The bands musicianship and sense of comradery in their performance is to be marvelled at. At the core of what they do it is not difficult to see that Amber Run function purely off love for what they do and that is a hugely infectious trait in music. When listening to Amber Run’s studio work there is a real encapsulating and mesmerising nature which they portray stunningly live.