Noija - Colorblind | Album Review

Swedish alt-rockers Noija came out of nowhere and burst onto the scene in early September by dropping the video for their debut single 'Unknown' (which as of writing this has racked up over 58k views on Youtube). Their debut album Colorblind is the product of only 12 months experience as a band: they only formed in late summer 2016 and have been attempting to refine their sound ever since. There seems to be a buzz building around this band in various places around the internet, but does Colorblind hold up?

The band's anthemic first single 'Unknown' opens the album, and if you're familiar with the genre, you may feel that the track falls into the trap of sounding like a That's the Spirit B-side. The band list Bring Me The Horizon as one of their main influences and you can definitely hear that here: from reverb-soaked guitar lines to lyrics and melodies that Sykes himself could have sung.

On tracks like 'Can't Slow Down', the band channels more of an American pop-punk vibe, not forgetting to include all the tropes of the genre. While there is technically nothing not to like, there is nothing that stands out as being unique. You might often find yourself wondering “why listen to a band like A Day To Remember when you could just listen to them?”

The thing that keeps this album stuck being just 'ok' is that there seems to be a lack of any original identity that hasn't been heavily influenced by other artists. While this doesn't make it a bad album, it lacks the unique touch that will allow it to stand out from the crowd.

Colorblind strikes as middle of the road alt-rock which should still be commended due to the band being very much in its infancy. You can clearly hear their influences through their music, but unfortunately this triggers unconscious comparison so much so that you often find yourself reaching for the bands that do it better. Noija will truly reach their potential when they settle more into their own sound and start weaving their own unique essence into the music they make. Score: 5/10 Facebook:/Noijaofficial Twitter: @Noijaofficial


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