Review: Pigeon Detectives with Little Comets - Nottingham Rock City

Nottingham’s Rock City looks busier than ever in what can only be described as an evening of indie excellence. Celebrating a decade since their first release Wait For Me, The Pigeon Detectives (9) are indisputably one of the most exciting live bands in this scene, and with a support as strong as North East quartet Little Comets (9), this Friday night was sure to be a wild one.

Little Comets are certainly a crowd pleaser, despite their minimal stage presence. Their lack of charisma however, is certainly overshadowed by the care which is so blatantly put into their music. Frontman Robert Coles is locked on his guitar, concentrating on each and every tone found in their electro indie-rock feel. Their genuine and hard-working approach further emphasises fan appreciation for this band. 'Worry' is undoubtedly a crowd favourite, with the loyal in the audience singing and bobbing to each word. It’s hard not to move when these guys play; each high tempo hit showcases their intrinsic indie core, which goes down a treat with this crowd. Closing hit 'Dancing Song' is clearly familiar with the crowd, with beers flying through the air in appreciation. A truly impressive set from a truly remarkable band.

It takes around two seconds for chaos to ensue once Matt Bowman and the gang take to the stage. Bowman is clearly chuffed with the response, lapping up the praise before smashing straight into the first single on the album, 'Romantic Type'. Fans, both young and old, thrash around in time with snappy lyrics and fast paced riffs. It feels like we’re back in 2007; older fans who’ve clearly followed the band are going crazy for these hits, with huge single 'I Found Out' igniting crowd surfers around the room. Bowman is certainly a showman, rallying the crowd up with every other breath.

As well as singles from Wait For Me, the band showcase a selection of B-sides, with the frontman exclaiming “20 quid for all this, fucking bargain”. Opting to play the album in a shuffled order clearly keeps fans involved, with huge roars of excitement with each single played, especially with the likes of 'Take Her Back' and 'I’m Not Sorry'. Despite some shaky vocals, Bowman is quite clearly the powerhouse of this band, using his charismatic charm and rockstar personality to chat to fans in between hits. Favourites from second album Emergency make an abrupt appearance, but only strengthening the electric atmosphere within the room.

It’s clear these guys have still got it, with Bowman’s performance blowing it out the water. This band will certainly be around for years to come.


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