The Infernal Sea - Agents Of Satan | EP Review

Fresh from their recent signing to the exciting up and coming newbloods Apocalyptic Witchcraft, UK Black/death metal titans The Infernal Sea return to the fold with a two track EP Agents of Satan to quell the masses while they work on their follow up to the brilliant The Great Mortality.

Opening with a chilling sample, first track Agents of Satan brings together both their brand of blackened death metal with elements of d-beat/ latter day Darkthrone. The marrying of these give the track an overall sense of punk urgency, whilst remaining heavy as fuck for lack of a better term.

Second track 'Skinwalker' is the more traditional affair, being a blackened death metal maelstrom of a track. Whilst the opening track is showcases new influences not seen before, this is by no means a negative comment. The Infernal Sea knows how to write killer black metal and this is no exception.

Despite being only two tracks, Agents of Satan proves that The Infernal Sea is on an upward trajectory with such a killer release. An exciting taste of what’s in store for us in the future we all hope. Score: 7.5/10 Facebook:theinfernalsea Twitter: @theinfernalsea