Winds Of Plague - Blood Of My Enemy | Album Review

Since it’s inception, Deathcore has been a dirty word on the tip of metal fan’s tongues. Having seen it’s better days of the mid to late 00’s come and go, the genre as whole seems to still thriving, with new bands keeping the flame alive. Most of what could be considered the old guard has retired or are nothing more than a memory of simpler times.

One of these bands however refuse to give up the ghost, with Winds of Plague returning to the frontline with another slab of symphonic black metal infused deathcore that is Blood Of My Enemy. The record is the newest output in four years since their previous work Resistance, following a short hiatus to regroup.

Winds of Plague were a key player in the late 00’s following the release of their debut Decimate The Weak, with the symphonic elements being a breath of fresh air amongst crushing breakdowns. Sadly everything about Blood of my Enemy sounds dated and dull. The breakdowns that once made everyone run for their lives for fear of broken noses, sound lifeless amongst the backdrop of overused keyboard sections that annoys, rather than expands across the songs.

Choruses that aim to be huge anthemic sing alongs, fall flat of the mark. It’s even hard to find a stand out moment on the album as each song just plods on one after the other. A singular light at the end of the tunnel comes with the last thirty seconds of 'Dark Waters', showcasing what could have been a return to former glory.

Overall, this is a largely forgettable record in what can be considered a largely forgettable genre nowadays, which is disappointing to write, knowing what this band is capable of. For Winds of Plague, Blood of my Enemy is the warning beacon that their glory days are long behind them. Score: 3/10 Facebook:/windsofplague Twitter: @windsofplague