Lifetight - S/T | EP Review

LIFETIGHT’s debut EP proves they really don’t mess about. Despite only forming mere months ago in July, the metalcore four-piece come armed with four polished tracks ready to be unleashed.

Opening track ‘Energy’ lives up to its name, kicking straight into a heavy, riff-filled chorus, with verses reminiscent of those featured in Beartooth’s 2014 debut album Disgusting. Vocalist Thomas Smith showcases the ability to utilise varying levels of harsh growls, all the while keeping them coherent. This is where you immediately get the impression LIFETIGHT will go far as they’ve already nailed the one aspect of hardcore which turns so many people away: vocal clarity. ‘Misguided’ follows suit with roaring vocals, chanty choruses, and catchy riffs.

However, ‘Big Boy House’ sees them lose this clear edge as it takes on a more hardcore punk vibe which introduces vocal styles similar to Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, and JJ Peters of Deez Nuts. Unfortunately, it fails to take on an original spin, while their influences take over. Despite the incoherency, the progressive piece stands out positively on this otherwise metalcore compilation as it incorporates half-time sections and more complex double kick drum patterns.

Featuring strong vocals and riffs that’ll be guaranteed to blow your head off at live shows, LIFETIGHT are definitely heading in the right direction as this sounds more polished and well-produced than your average debut. While still ticking all the right boxes in their respective genre, these four tracks aren’t particularly ground-breaking, however it is undeniable they found their sound and unique edge in tracks like ‘Energy’ and ‘Misguided’. This EP shows them finding their strengths, now they just need to play to them.

Score: 7/10 Facebook:/lifetight Twitter: @LIFETIGHTUK


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