Butcher Babies: 'Lilith' - Album Review

For a long time, it felt like Arch Enemy were one of the only Metal band to scream out for the extreme Metal ladies. But today we’re seeing more and more and it’s only about time that it expanded out of Symphonic and Gothic Metal to truly shout out that girls can scream too – and powerfully. So where Arch Enemy are still going strong and with the recent vocalist (ex-Agnostic Front) Alissa White-Gluz; we are now seeing bands like Once Human, Jinjer and notably Butcher Babies take the helm. There are many other bands, but these are examples of the straight up powerful Groove Metal bands that are stamping out their spot in modern Metal. Butcher Babies are a definite part of this and are taking the banner for a very authentically female fronted metal. Every bit Metal as the two vocalists scream and sing at us. Lilith is actually their third album, so perhaps their recent accomplishments were long waited for and long overdue – but they’re making a mark.

Lilith, immediately sounds like an energetic rock beat driving home a Metal guitar melody whilst the vocalists sing and scream at you, both recalling Otep and Angela Gossow. ‘Iwokeuplikethis’ being a great example of their Otep-like raw energy seeping through, just as passionately, but perhaps not as tortured. Otep has a real pain beneath the anger that makes the music so raw. Butcher Babies are passionate and energetic but fall slightly short. In other areas Lilith shows a melodic Metal that feels forceful and powerful and at times you can feel it trying to break into a distinct sound. In later songs ‘Pomona (Shit Happens)’ or ‘Underground and Overrated’, for example, there is an experimental nature that feels more distinct, catchy and at times raw.

Despite all the merits and power within the band that tears at you, it fails to bring itself above the rest. Constantly treading water amongst all other similar Metal, trying to keep their head above ground. The vocalists really give a passionate energy to the vocals but are held back by lyrics that never quite take a hold too quickly. Guitars and drums make a play for some groovier and more melodic moments that feel powerful and yet forgettable. Unfortunately sounding a lot like all the rest just done very well.

Lilith, feels like a mature sound for Butcher Babies and feels like a solid effort from the band. However, despite all its passionate efforts, and they are many, it just never gets there. It is unfortunate as they have done better previously and are likely to do so again. But Lilith will fall to the background and only find that time will get the tracks to the forefront. Listening to them again and again to get them there. We will see more of Butcher Babies but maybe not so much of Lilith.

Score: 6/10

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