Live Review: Trampolene w/North Parade/Local Enemy And Dead! | The Moon, Cardiff | 02/11/2017

This Feeling supports new and upcoming bands and artists, putting on live shows up and down the UK, allowing you to see the next big thing before anyone else. Trampolene, with support from some great local bands, played at the new Moon Club in Cardiff last week, and we had to see the mayhem for ourselves.

Birmingham-based indie rock band, North Parade (7/10) were the first of four bands to grace the stage of The Moon. Despite only being a baby band in the grand scheme of things, they knocked our socks off with their defined style and sound. Their confidence and charisma on stage was wonderful to see, and they really enjoying playing music to the tiny crowd! Their songs were catchy and creative, and the majority of the audience seemed to have a lot of fun!

Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil, Local Enemy (5.5/10) described themselves as a “straight to the point rock and roll band”. While that sounds promising, they unfortunately didn’t leave a lasting impression, with somewhat generic vocals and guitars that just couldn’t follow up those from North Parade. Nevertheless, not a single cover was played, and they were clearly a well-rehearsed unit that were a hit with the crowd – which is always what it’s about.

A band renowned for having some of the most energetic live shows is London-based Dead! (7/10). However, it felt like some of that energy was lacking from this show, likely because of the minimal space on the stage – they just couldn’t get going like they usually do. Despite the energy issues, they treated us to a lot of their newer material, including ‘Skin’, ‘You’re So Cheap’, and their new single, ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’. Catchy.

As a support band, it can take a lot to get the crowd dancing and enjoying your music, but Dead! pulled this off easily by smashing out Blur’s ‘Song 2’. An unexpected cover is great to throw into the mix, and the band managed to get the whole room moving for the first time that night. While this wasn’t the most chaotic set they’ve played, Dead! earned themselves a fan or two, and are worth checking out on their headline tour in the new year.

Trampolene’s [8] Jack Jones has toured with Pete Doherty’s band and was The Libertines’ tour poet. Well-known for their moving spoken-word pieces and their indie rock sound, they’ve certainly already started to make a name for themselves. Their debut album, Swansea to Hornsey was released at the end of October, and not even this could prepare you for their live shows.

Frontman Jack Jones could barely stand up straight and had no idea what he was talking about most of the time, but he is able to put on a show. Entering the room in a hi-vis jacket to ‘Artwork of Youth’, the first poem on their album, he clowned around and had the crowd in hysterics. Their set was filled with foul language, filthy guitar riffs, and a tight rhythm section that really held the show together. Their setlist seemed to be made up in the moment, but heavily featured songs from their album, including ‘Alcohol Kiss’, ‘You Do Nothing for Me’, and ‘Imagine Something Yesterday’. The audience knew every word – even if Jack didn’t – and they threw themselves into the music (and each other) with gusto.

We saw stage invasions from the audience, and Jack Jones got the crowd to join in with ‘Ketamine’, a well-written spoken word piece, influenced by John Cooper Clarke. The well-spoken Welsh lad crowd-surfed, climbed on anything possible, and looked like he was having the best of times. For their final song, ‘Storm Heaven’, Jones handed his guitar to a random member of the audience and disappeared for a bit, leaving his band mates to jam with a randomer – which was surprisingly brilliant. And, just when we thought we’d seen everything Jack Jones had, as his fellow band members left the stage, he recited the poem ‘Pound Land’, covered in half a pint of beer.

Of all the chaotic and theatrical bands out there, Trampolene are certainly one of the best – and witnessing one of their shows is an experience everyone should have.