Conan - Man Is Myth (Early Demos) | Album Review

After a decade of forging some of the most disgustingly heavy riffs in the entirety of the United Kingdom, Caveman battle doom metal merchants Conan have given forth a glimpse into their personal world in the form of Man is Myth – Early Demos.

Whilst they carry on slaving away on their fourth album (TBA 2018) Man is Myth is a mixture of both rehearsal room recordings and studio demo recordings that date from as early as 2006 when they first became Conan, right up to 2012 during the Revengance album recording.

Hearing tracks like ‘Battle in the Swamp’ and ‘Krull’ in its rawest form is a definite highlight for all Conan fans, and experiencing the development between what’s being played in the rehearsal room compared to the finished products is astounding. The quality of the later album demos are so good, they could have been put on the finished album and be none the wiser.

However you can only feel this is being released as a sort of collectors item or stop gap record to fill the gap in between recordings of the previous album and the next. For diehard Conan fans and record collectors, Man is Myth is a perfect addition to a very healthy discography. New or more casual fans were to avoid this or wait for the new record, you wouldn’t be missing out at all.

Score: 5/10 Facebook:/conancavemanbattledoom