I The Mighty - Where The Mind Wants You To Go/Where You Let It Go | Album Review

To put it simply: with Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go San Francisco's I The Mighty are set to tear up the scene with their progressive sound that has matured over the course of 10 years, into something quite different from your average Joe. Playing a hand of cards on opposite sides of the scale to the rest, the band hit all the right spots with this new record, truly breaking the barriers in terms of originality, experimental musicianship and fiest.

Opening the record is song ‘degenerates’ that leaves its verses mellow and declarative, with soft guitar riffs and soothing vocals, yet explodes into its choruses with shear thirst, delivering a brilliant saturated post hardcore vibe. From this very first track you gain a true representation of the bands talents as musicians, especially the vocal range that frontman Brent Walsh is capable of, hitting notes that do nothing less than satisfy the ear. ‘Chaos In Motion’ is a track that certainly stands out on this record - sitting on the more pop rock side of the record and seeming ever so slightly more radio friendly, this song ticks all the boxes for a pop rock smash hit that you will no doubt have on repeat for its catchy complexity.

Jumping to part of the title track for the record, ‘Where The Mind Wants To Go’ acts as a kind of throwback to the band's earlier days when they held a much heavier tuned sound to the current. Listening to this after the previous tracks just showcases how diverse I The Mighty are as a group, proving that they can successfully slide themselves into any genre they please, adapting both their new and old musical directions as they please. This is heavily prevalent on ‘sleepwalker’ simply for how pure the vocals are excelled from start to finish, bringing a sense of emotion to the track you can't help but feel.

Although this record is a tremendous listen - it's fair to say that a majority of the album is reasonably similar track after track in terms of general song structure. And you can expect a feeling of repetition to set in after a few listens, however this shouldn't flounder your opinion, Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go is nothing short of an excellent effort. Score: 8.5/10 Facebook:/ithemighty Twitter: @ithemighty