Nordheim: 'RapThor' - Album Review

Folk Metal can have an emphasis on either Folk or Metal and bands like Wintersun, Moonsorrow and Ensiferum give it a rapid amount of heavy Metal. Much like Canada’s Nordheim, who since 2006 are on their third album set for release Nov 24th.

From the very get go, the album packs that punch and releases an infinite energy that vaguely recalls the fastest of Black Metal bands. All the while there’s a subtle folk symph to their battle cries. RapThor feels excited to be here. The clean vocal chants of ‘Troll Riding a Raptor’ have easy hooks and feel fitting amongst the rest of the battling music. The shocking speed of each song dangerously thrusts you from song to song, a great example being ‘Scroll of a Lightning Bolt’ which deliciously speeds through its riffs.

Rather than keeping an aggressive power, the energy of Nordheim is in a relentless gallop through each track. It’s almost a soften blast-beat. It’s very melodic and very keen. With songs such as these on an album it’s surprising that the album doesn’t just become one with itself as many other bands somehow manage. There is a danger of running each track into the same formula to make them all forgettable. Here Nordheim keep thundering out riff after riff, staying fast and melodic that remains consistent. Yet, they never fail to keep just the right amount of variation. Examples include the almost cheesy hooks of ‘Wish you were Beer’ and the groove moments of ‘Strength became the Storm’. Meanwhile the closing track ‘Dragonthorn’ doesn’t hold back on a harmony of melody that allows the album to finish on a high note.

Nordheim are a reminder of the more extreme energy of Folk Metal. How they manage to relentlessly fight through each song and keep it melodically interesting is a testament to how much they’re yet to make their mark. It’s bands like Nordheim that leave extreme metalheads wondering how people can miss out on such music. It certainly sits within extreme metal circles and does so with a high chant and banner.

score: 8/10

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