Photo: Jess McPhee

Recently we got to sit down with the lovely Seafoal at Surya, during their longest UK tour, to have a quick chat about new releases, influences and their current playlist!

Noizze: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! How has tour been?

Seafoal: It’s been pretty cool! It’s so weird that a week ago today we started the tour and I’ve only ever done short tours, so before this my longest tour was 10 days. This has been my first tour in over a year and I’ve really enjoyed it even though I’ve been ill some nights. My throat’s just given up a few times, standard November cold stuff, but other than that it’s been great and we’ve pulled through and smashed it every night.

Noizze: Over the summer you announced that you’d finished writing your third EP, can you tell us more about that?

Seafoal: We’re in the midst of still recording. I finished writing but it has been written and we’re halfway through recording with my friend George. I’m going to Wales and Somerset to record in his really lovely studio and we’ve just been smashing it out. The next single will probably be out at the start of 2018, which I’m really excited about. I’m trying not to give too much away but

Noizze:What’s influenced the new EP?

Seafoal:I think because, obviously, my first EP Lucid Living, and I just started doing music properly I was playing the guitar and writing songs and I wasn’t thinking about what genre I really wanted to do, I mean it worked at the time. I started being influenced by other artists and realising where my inspirations were actually coming from and decided I don’t want to do this stuff and moved onto attitude stuff. I can have a really big mouth or I can be forthright, as my Mum calls me. I feel like it’s important in some ways that your music matches your personality and I feel that I did that with ‘Xeraclius’ and that’s introduced what I always wanted my music to do. The new EP is emphasising that a lot more and going deeper. I’m singing and writing about things that matter to me. What I can tell you about the next single is that it’s about calling out creepy men. It’s an empowering song about not being a piece of shit and this is what I want to write about and performing and it showcases part of myself and more of what I want to do.

Noizze:What are you currently listening to?

Seafoal:If you have me on social media you may have seen me talk about a lovely man called Tommy Cash a few times. My friend introduced me to him and I swear it’s sort of become a meme now. He’s an Estonian hip hop artist and he has really weird music videos but he’s a visionary and he’s so cool and I think he’s absolutely beautiful inside and out. I like his jams, what he’s doing and I’ve been really inspired by what he’s doing visually for my music videos as well.

Noizze: Speaking of music videos, was ‘Fiends’ your first time directing? How did you find it?

Seafoal: Yes, it was my first time directing! My first music video, Fading, when I actually had hair, is three years old now. It hit up my friend who was doing videography at university and I asked him if he wanted to do it. He agreed but he decided the concept for it and there was randomly a deer in it because we filmed in Richmond or Kingston. Chess wasn’t directed by me either but I picked my outfits. My friend, Jon Stone, who is a fantastic videographer, and I just didn’t have a lot of time to put the concepts together that we wanted in that video so I’m thinking of using those concepts for another music video instead. I was still happy with what we came out with but Fiends was the first video I directed myself. The next video, which I’ve written a brief for already, is all directed by me apart from my friend, Zac Pinchin, who also co-directed and filmed the Fiends video, and he’s doing the next video as well and will be orchestrating and co-ordinating it to make it the best it can be.

Noizze: Where does your moniker, Seafoal, come from?

Seafoal: I have so many, I think my name’s a bit of a meme now. Seafoam, Sealoaf. I played Ghost Fest in 2015 and they wrote Sealoaf, not on the poster, but on the list of announcements, like really? When I came up with the name because my birth name, before I changed it to Zander, is really hard to pronounce and I was doing music and nobody was able to pronounce my name even though it was really easy to me so I was like okay, I’m just going to come up with something that’s actually easy to say. I sat in front of my computer and thought about some words that are nice to say and I googled nice sounding words and I only remember a few that were on the list, like Sublime, but I had saw Seafoal. It’s an actual thing as well so that was literally it. Everyone’s always like “what does it mean?” and it just sounded good so I picked it and it literally just means baby seahorse.