InAir: A Different Light | EP Review

Reading alt-rock three-piece InAir have just dropped their debut EP, A Different Light – a synth-laden shot of electro-rock comprised of four tracks not dissimilar to the sounds of Mallory Knox and Bring Me The Horizon.

Beginning with a promising opening, first track ‘Rise Again’ stretches out to nearly a lengthy six minutes and sounds indie at some points and metal at others. ‘Bound to Break’ boasts euphoric key changes and the thickest riff on the release, but the crown for best song goes to closing track ‘Insomnia’, loaded with lucid emotion hard to find elsewhere on the EP.

While the release does fall short of sounding anthemic and destined for arenas, like synth-rock often undeniably is, for a four-track debut InAir have the song composition and musical expertise almost nailed down to a T. From talent like this can grow something special; if the trio work to craft their unique edge that will set them apart from a sea of synths, then there’s no reason they couldn’t find themselves creating massive tunes to fill massive rooms in years to come.