Valdur: 'Divine Cessation' - Album Review

It is cold and it is night, you are alone. It is pitch black. There isn’t even a sense that someone is out there. The air is still and cold. It feels heavy, it feels threatening and it feels ominous. Can’t see. Can’t scream. Valdur have given a Death Metal label but with this, their fifth album Divine Cessation, there is a lot more going on atmospherically.

Like a wave of fire, the guitars buzz out over the horizon to assault you with their atmosphere. You can hear the violent drums chaotically bash about in the background. The deep roars almost meld into the guitars as the songs take shape. Valdur feel like something straight out of Black Metal in haunting atmospheres and buzz-saw guitars but also feel deep and bassy like an early Death Metal record. In fact they could fit alongside Cryptopsy or Sadistic Intent. They eagerly lay on a thick dose of atmosphere to what they do.

Divine Cessation, offers a lot of very similar tracks in a very unique sense of style. They have a real sense of that atmosphere that they’re chasing and it’s unfortunate that many songs just bleed together. With show stealers keeping to the songs that break the mould ‘Doomed’ and certain moments within ‘Potent Black Orb’ and ‘The Tail’ really give a sense of this atmosphere beyond the rest of the album. Otherwise the album keeps to a punishing and relentless guitar work with notable and violent drumming, quite often blast beating its way to the top of the walls of sounds. This is the standard for the album. It works very well but it’s great to see some songs pushing beyond this.

Valdur is the violent struggle of a faraway community on fire. Blinded by darkness, you can only hear the flames get higher as the victims violently scream out. All the while a very deep Death Metal vocalist grunts and roars their pleasure to the violence. Divine Cessation is strictly for extreme metal fans. It is dark, it is moody and atmospheric. It is a hell for the satanic and violent music. Valdur have certainly a grasp of their sound and who they are.


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