Live Review: Com Truise | The Fleece, Bristol | 7/11/17

As a self identified “mid-fi synth wave, slow-motion funk” creator, Com Truise [8] has attracted a respectable crowd for his show at Bristol’s The Fleece. It’s clear why immediately from the slickness at which he gets to work. Building his opener with percussion that finishes on the hi-hat it’s apparent why Com Truise has dug himself the niche he has. Seth Haley, the man behind the moniker shows no intention of doing things conventionally. This vibe is picked up by the room immediately finding rhythms in between his fills and funk inspired bass grooves. Truise goes on to prove you can always have more by layering melodic synths as a segue into new sounds.

It’s the professionalism, smooth progression and tastefully blended originality and nostalgia that sets Com Truise apart from his opening acts more than anything. With greater attention to visual aesthetics, Truise could easily be a life-changing spectacle, unfortunately tonight this is not the case. Not that the audience notice or mind, as Truise explores broad melodic ranges in his synth work under-laden by conventional percussive frameworks it’s the delicate application of the sonic FX that makes this show a diverse sonic joy.

Following a brief intermission Truise returns to the stage offering a slightly more technical & rhythm focused palette than the earlier blend of 80’s funk and pop inspired synth loops. Truise’s prowess with tempo is spotlighted in this half of the set as he teases the crowd to drops and switches pace so sleekly. Truise never strays to far from his home ground despite the more technical rhythms at play he recycles in samples from earlier in the set, giving the whole thing a more anthological, conceptual feel.

It’s refreshing to find an artist so at home in their niche individuality comes to them easily, blending retro synthesised melodies with modern rhythmic styles in such a way that their differences compliment each other, instead of competing. Electronic artists are like any other songwriter when it comes to being identified by their taste; Com Truise’ flavour of nostalgia and optimism is rejuvenating, a catalogue of tracks with good vibes, that despite feeling similar depict a great range in dynamics and pace.

Sure to be a great night for the fans in the room Com Truise has done well to convert new followers tonight through his composition, his technical prowess but most of all his taste.


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