The Sourheads - Care Plan For The Soul | Album Review

Fresh blood The Sourheads have only been together for little over a year but are already gaining steady traction thanks to their signing to Oak Island and quick release of anthemic tunes; Care Plan For The Soul is built using this mould, and helps to encapsulate exactly what the band set out to achieve.

Taking inspiration from a whole host of classic bands – everything from Kasabian to Guns N’ Roses – yet seemingly settling for a Queens of the Stone Age vibe - a sound of which they sample successfully; The Sourheads fire off on all cylinders with the opening track; 'Demon', a punky and catchy yet sinister sounding song that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The following 8 tracks don’t stray too far from the initial mood, but are clearly unique and polished with a masterful touch by highly rated producer Pete Maher. Another particular high point in the album is 'Secret Cigarette', a headbanger of a tune that is sure to be remembered by all who hear it for its crashing drums and heavy guitar that shine through the track.

Whilst the band will undoubtedly appeal to rock fans, there is no reason for fans of indie and heavier music styles to love the album too; however due to the somewhat hazy genre identity, the band may struggle to find a place to thrive, and where this album falls is exactly there – in its identity. There is no doubt quality there, but many tracks bleed into others whereas others sound nothing like their counterparts, meaning that many fans will love some songs but really not enjoy others.

The alt-rock quartet have barely started their career but are off to an excellent start with their debut album. Snapped up by their label partially thanks to their noteworthy live performances, this release is certain to make their shows even more memorable. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/thesourheads

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