Mouthbreather - Pig | EP Review

Spending every waking minute scrolling through the Internet sometimes has its perks. Perks being discovering some of the most intensely dissonant math-influence grindcore this side of The Dillinger Escape Plan breakup, and it comes in the form of MouthBreather.

Barely clocking in at ten minutes across its seven tracks. Pig is one of the year’s most unhinged records to come out. Giving nods to such bands as Pig Destroyer, Vein, Daughters and early Converge; MouthBreather have created a proper horrible racket throughout the duration of Pig.

Opening track 'Tourniquet' is a straight up kick to the knackers from the get go. Disgustingly dissonant chords that make The Dillinger Escape Plan’s '43% Burnt' sound like a child’s lullaby, whilst the dual vocal two and fro is about as welcome as a home invasion from Michael Myers.

The further you go down the rabbit hole that is Pig, the more horrible it gets. Utilizing blast beats and breakdowns with perfect execution, only adds to the crushing dread this EP forces upon you. The only respite being the two instrumental tracks 'Ryan Goes to Rehab' and 'Religion and Tonic', but even with those you know what’s about to follow.

For a debut release, MouthBreather have created one of the ugliest pieces of music that’s been set upon us this year. To sum up what pig is; Pig is short. Pig is nasty. Pig wants to kick your teeth out your mouth. Pig is brilliant. Score: 9/10 Facebook: /MouthBreatherCULT



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