Chalk Hands: Burrows & Other Hideouts | EP Review

« Loud sad songs », that's how band Chalk Hands describe their music. The Brighton based band are show off their punchy hardcore sound which is reminiscent of artists such as Caspian or even an early LANDSCAPES. Burrows & Other Hideouts is the result of their hard work, an EP that includes two songs, "Burrows" and "Arms". They're quite similar in their compositions, however are beautiful in their shapes, sounding almost like a catharsis on a heavy and dark melody.

In an article from Overblown, Chalk Hands actually talk more about their EP's name: "The title of the EP Burrows & Other Hideouts refers to the safe place that most of us search for so that we can hide from the daunting aspects of life. Those life aspects are well known and often materialise themselves into fears coming from the inside, such as the fear of death, or on an other subject, thinking we're not even good enough, for us or for other people. It's a whole questioning on the purpose of life that we can't even define. It's rather introspective, as they're referring to our own demons that are following us on everyday's life and that we can't seem to quite shut down." Regarding the artwork, it represents a village, with tons of houses, and, in the middle, a tree where its top is reaching the sky. It seems the EP's title and artwork are joining themselves, as this village would symbolize this noise in our head, this brouhaha which never really quiet. The tree in the middle is dividing that world to join the sky, escaping from the human world to join our own peace. The EP starts with title track "Burrows" on a few notes, quite enchanting, and then, the screams joining a chaos of instruments. It's beautiful and tortuous at the same time. It's melodic as a suffering that wants to express itself. The tension is quite palpable where all instruments fit together in a beautiful way. "Burrows" seems to refer to the safe place Chalk Hands talks about, this place where we like to hide from our problems. Again, on "Arms", the same composition schemes scream "Weakness is no curse" or even "Will I ever learn to treasure what I've made ?" juggling between questioning oneself and an envy to continue escaping our own madness.

There is something beautiful about this EP, a painful envy to fight, confronting our own fears, our soul-searching, as a battle we have in us and that we would like to get out. Musically, it's beautifully written, it's technical and melodic, and the vocals are fantastic. It's just a shame the offering is only 2 songs... Check these guys out, you are bound to be excited for what's next! 7.5/10


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