Live Review | William The Conqueror w/ Jack Wallen | The Louisiana, Bristol | 21/11/17

The Louisiana is a quaint little venue in Bristol that has, for thirty years, played host to some of the UK’s biggest bands and artists, including Muse, Kasabian, and Coldplay. The small bar with walls lined with posters of tours long gone filled up with people talking and drinking, and the crowd started to filter upstairs for an evening of amazing live music.

Taking to the stage first, with an just acoustic guitar and a Thermos mug, Jack Wallen [9] caught our eye. His intricate guitar playing and stunning vocals held the entire room in a trance – no one whispered a word. With fingers deftly flying over frets, we were treated to some beautiful new songs, including ‘Ganges’, inspired by the Ganges river and people washing in its dirty waters to cleanse themselves. Wallen’s stunning song writing skill shone throughout the set, as we heard not only new material, but tracks from the 2014 EP, Although.

With his humble nature and charismatic stage presence, as well as his musical ability and style, Jack Wallen offered up something different and unique. He’s previously played festival slots up and down the country, and we have a feeling you’ll be hearing much more about him in the future.

William the Conqueror [9] took to the stage with confidence and threw themselves straight into the music, showing that they are incredibly talented musicians. As with Jack Wallen, the audience was silent and captivated as the band’s sound filled the room. Starting their set with quieter songs, including ‘The Many Faces of the Good Truth’, William the Conqueror played their way through their stunning debut LP, Proud Disturber of the Peace, their sound and stage presence growing with each change of song. They had toes tapping and bodies swaying, and there was smiles on not only the faces of the audience, but on the band’s own too.

With intricate lyrics layered over solid bass lines and punchy drums, the music the band played really commands the audience to just listen. ‘The Many Faces of a Good Truth’ saw the band getting their groove on, while ‘Sunny is the Style’ had the audience swaying in unison, highlighting the many diverse influences of William the Conqueror. ‘Pedestals’ gave drummer Harry Harding a chance to really show off his talent, while ‘Cold Ontario’ showed off the trio’s powerful vocals.

Finishing their set with the title track of their album, William the Conqueror showed how much character and life their music has, and how much they enjoyed playing live. With plans in place to release a follow-up to their debut album, they’ll be one to watch in the coming year.