2017 Top 10 Albums Of The Year | Josh Bates

Lets be real, 2017 has been one hell of a crazy year for a lot of things… From political controversy across the world, to headlines we never thought we would even see in our generation. But in the mist of it all new music has been the bright side of the year, and as always the art that has bought everyone together. There has been too many outstanding releases this year for me to recall them all, but here is a list of my top ten albums / EP’s that really blew me away across this 356 day roller coaster. Here's to another great year of music!

10) Counterparts - You’re Not You Anymore

Counterparts latest record is hard hitting from start to finish, leaving you with no room to breathe behind the pure heaviness of the album. Certainly one of the top contenders in the hardcore scene at the moment, Counterparts are set to do fantastic things in the future thanks to this record, as it holds so much passion for the music they create which shines through in their work.

9) Coastline Kings - Wet

Only having discovered Coastline Kings very recently, I was instantly blown away by his catalogue of music through listening to only a few of his most popular tracks. London based musician Jordan Pressman frazzled me with his easy going Californian beach vibe tunes, that sit somewhere between The 1975 and The Drums he states. His EP Wet is the perfect chill out playlist that only promotes good times.

8) Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter

Pop punk underdogs Knuckle Puck released their second full length earlier this year and it was everything a pop punk fan could've hoped for. Sticking closely by the lines they are used to the band took advantage of what the are good at, making hard hitting, pacy, punk rock tunes. Coming through with a slightly more polished sound compared to their previous releases, Knuckle Puck seem to have rounded off their raw edges with more tuneful melodies that only makes their tracks more pleasing to the ear, am album that couldn't not be on my list.

7) While She Sleeps - You Are We

If I'm ever feeling a little rowdy, my go to band has always been While She Sleeps, and the release of their third studio album You Are We really sent my body into overdrive this year. Doing exactly what the band does best, Sleeps bought everything we as the fans loved from their previous work, making everything bigger, better and louder than ever before. The fact that the band over the course of 2017 decided to work independently without any record label just makes this record even more respectable, as it shows all the hard graft and passion the five Sheffield bred lads put into this masterpiece.

6) Neck Deep - The Peace And The Panic

Being a part of the Neck Deep ride since their earliest releases, the hype behind their third album The Peace And The Panic was huge, and they did nothing other than deliver. Whilst not straying too far from what we know and love about the band, Neck Deep adopted a slightly more mature sound with this record, that was ready for mainstream radio, whilst still delivering the rowdy pop punk racket we adore. My top ten albums of the year simply wouldn't be the same without Neck Deep filling one spot for their never ending great work.

5) Wolf Alice - Visions Of A Life

Visions Of A Life is the next chapter to Wolf Alice’s first work of art; My Love Is Cool, and it was everything the first record lived up to be, only on a bigger and much bolder scale. Their self owned style of hallucinogenic indie rock never grows old for me, as each track can easily resembles a different state of feeling and emotion which not many records are capable of capturing - the main reason for it taking my number five spot.

4) Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Modern Ruin

Frank Carter took a more radio ready approach to the second album in the band's discography, straying away from the more hardcore punk feel of record one, which wasn't a bad decision to say the least. Doing so extremely successfully, the band was able to throw punk rock back into the heavier side of the mainstream, having produced a set of crowd pleasing hits that I could listen to all day long, a true powerhouse of an album.

3) Liam Gallagher - As You Were

Being a huge fan of Oasis, Liam Gallagher’s As You Were bought major homage to the classic rock and roll sound they are most famously recognised for, reviving a sense of 90’s nostalgia I miss in today's music scene. Putting his idol like vocals to use, Liam created a variety of hard hitting rock sing a longs, that can only be described as a set of festival bangers, an album made to scream a long to at the best of times. This album is not only one of my favourites due its original simplistic take on rock and roll, but also for the fact it has pushed the genre even more so into the mainstream once again.

2) Blackbear - Digital Druglord

It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a rappers work but Blackbear’s Digital Druglord ticked all the boxes and more. Mixing addictive beats, with a soothing vocal range like no one else in the scene, and addictive lyrics to go by its side, this album expresses much of backbear’s raw emotion song after song, a legitimate emotional roller coaster delivered in pure hip-hop style.

1) RATBOY - Scum

Fusing a wide mixture of musical routes from; rap rock, to experimental hip hop, and plain and simple rock and roll, RATBOYS’ debut album Scum picks the best bite-size portions from everyone's favourite artists over the past years, crafting a unique masterpiece that throws refuge to the last twenty years of great music. Whether you want to dance, mosh or bounce, Scum has you covered and I can guarantee it will not disappoint, certainly my favourite record of 2017 simply for it's pure diversity and energy.