Live Review | Skinny Lister w/ Beans On Toast | The Globe, Cardiff | 06/12/17 |

Beans On Toast [9] opens the evening and whether you are here to see him or not you will be hard pressed to fight this his comical lyrics and oddly endearing music.

Frontma/comedian/lyrical genius Jay McAllister (Beans On Toast) takes a comical and charismatic approach in his live show. For those that enjoy the vibe of open mics and catching that really talented drunk guy giving it a go in the pub you will absolutely love this refined musician and his quirky stories.

Political themes are rife in “Smells Like B******T” whilst “Beer & a Burger” is about a typical night out in Wolverhampton. The way in which these songs are presented could not be any more British but that is probably why he has managed to strike such a chord with fans.

Witty comments aplenty throughout the set the crowd are treated to one liners and his hilarious aura. “What day is it?” he chimes before playing “I’m Home When You Hold Me” talking about the simplicity of a Sunday at home with the one of you love. He talks of home as being with his partner. It is a lovely moment. “Jamie and Lilly” follows which is a beautiful song. BOT explains he gets asked to dedicate songs a lot and that Jamie and Lilly both individually asked for each other. The notion really touched him so he rolled with it. It is these thoughtful touches that really sets him apart.

“A Whole Lot of Loving” and “M. D. M. Amazing” tell two incredibly hilarious stories whilst “The Ignorant Enghlishman” is all about his travels around Germany. He follows with a song about eating chicken called “The Chicken Song” which as you can imagine is also fantastic.

Inciting a round of applause for his mother-in-law Yvonne who made his backdrop (a purple sheet) that he assured was fully fireproof he plays “Lizzy’s Cooking” of which in the break section of the song he asks the crowd whether he can go for a wee whilst the band jam it out which he genuinely does go and do.

“This next song is about robbing banks” he says before playing “Robin Hood Costume” followed by “The War on War”. His backing band is made up of some incredibly talented individuals too. Bringing the band back out for the ‘Encore’ (which he didn’t leave and come back for) the band play “The House that Austerity Built”. Final words of the night and BOT goes with "This is a song about Having an orgy with the sun and the moon, we are trying to promote that shit." BOT tells us before rounding out the set with “The Sun, the Moon and Me”. Seeing people hug during this last song and the end of this set was an oddly inspiring and emotional moment. Overall the set was hugely impressive.

Skinny Lister [10] fire onto stage like an energetic firework. Out of the six piece, five of the members have vocal mics which brings tonnes of energy and many a harmony. With a real folk punk vibe they have the crowd bouncing from start to finish.

They have an infectious passion and energy that rubs off extremely easily. It is difficult not to at least have your feet tapping when there is the equivalent of five individuals on stage that are all hugely enthusiastic and all hugely charismatic. The comradery between members is hugely noticeable and only adds to this.

Singing Christmas song "Christmas Calls" off their deluxe version of The Devil,The Heart & The Fight it is reminiscent vocally of The Pogues with it's subtle charm.

Both “Cathy” and “Devil In Me” have the crowd shouting so loud that the band just felt like it gained 100 new members. “I’m gonna come out and dance for this” vocalist Lorna Thomas declares before the before the band burst into “Geordie Lad”. The whole show feels like a celebration of happiness rather than a band performing their repertoire.

As the band pass out a flagon of beer with the word Lister scribed on the front the crowd begin to chug down alcohol whilst the room bounces from wall to wall... this really is energy overload in the best way. As if at this point the show couldn't be further pumped the band break into sea shanty “John Kanaka” and this suddenly feels more like a house party piss up than a show (in the best way). With the crowd throwing in various do-si-do's and the flagon still in full flow you can't help but feel you have stepped back in time to that time now only represented fully in films about pubs with amazing an atmosphere. “There Is Trouble On Oxford Street” follows and it's time for a much needed break.

“Bonny Away” provides said beautiful break from the chaos. Despite the minor pause in antics, the crowd slides straight from rowdy party to slow swaying singalong mode within the announcement of the song title. This is short-lived though as “This Is War” restarts the dancing. By this point one would have assumed that the crowds energy was damn near spent and they couldn’t top the dancing from the previous track... incorrect. The crowd were in uproar.

Encore begins and “Beat It From The Chest” before Skinny Lister bring on Bean on Toast to perform their Christmas collaboration “This Christmas”. Adding another frontman into the mix somehow ramps up these final proceedings and the way the six singers manage to juggle vocal lines between each other is phenomenal.

Following this they bring on the rest of the Beans on Toast band to perform “Six Whiskies”. To put it into perspective, at this point there is 10 musicians on a stage that is rather small. The violinist is jabbing the accordion player with her bow as she does not have the space to play. Overall the atmosphere and musicianship was flawless start to finish. There isn’t enough microphones to go around at this point but that does not stop the band/bands from ending on such a huge high note. What an incredible evening.