Obscene: ‘Serman to the Snake’ – EP Review

New to the scene, Obscene, release their debut EP this Thursday (18th Jan). This Death Metal act from Indianapolis have only been around since 2016. Bands such as this are always interesting to give a try, as there’s usually the mark of a band trying to find their sound; both in the raw energy and the chaotic experimental nature of their music. Obscene are no exception to this. Serman to the Snake reflects a certain raw energy and chaos.

Initially self-released and now given a proper release through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, there is still a sense of an independent EP. The now revisited and perfected version doesn’t exactly feel like a final product. Songs, though varied and extreme, bleed into each other and feel distortedly unfocused. Vocals by Kyle Shaw, give an interesting turn as they’re interestingly unexpected for the music but can also clash somewhat with it. Only matching a certain drone from a mute sounding guitar-work.

There’s a lot more at stake here, songs like ‘Torture Tranquility’ are perhaps at the EP’s height. There is a sense of what they were trying to achieve throughout this EP. A certain attempt of the greats of Death Metal. Serman to the Snake keeps through the energy and variation, a passion that could see their sound improve in later releases. But now, sadly, it’s a droned chaotic sign of their first EP, looking to fight without knowing where to go.


Facebook: /ObsceneDM