Sonic Prophecy - Savage Gods | Album Review

Dealing in the trade of “Pure American Power Metal”, Sonic Prophecy arrives back with their third brand new record of power metal anthems Savage Gods.

Opening track ‘Savage Gods’ kicks off proceedings with a 'South of Heaven'-esqe intro followed by some tech-savvy fret wanking. Featuring some vocals not amiss from any classic Iron Maiden record, Sonic Prophecy get straight to work with the neck snapping riffs.

Across the album you get more of the same across the board: soaring vocals recollecting stories of heavy metal’s glory days, pounding drums that could march you off to battle, and enough fret shredding to make you dust off your air guitar. But what else would you expect from a band like this?

There is a solid consistency throughout the album. Each song is a solid written headbanger of a heavy metal anthem, but you’ve probably heard it all before. There’s nothing on this record that differentiates them from the pack of bands pedaling their take on Manowar worshipping heavy metal to the masses.

Granted it’s better than a lot of the records you’d find in your dad’s record collection from back then, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard it all before. For any fan of this genre, Savage Gods is as good as it gets. Possibly even reaching top tier heights of grandeur for some. Just don’t expect this to be breaking any boundaries for anyone else anytime soon. Score: 5/10

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