Great Collapse - Neither Washington, Nor Moscow... Again | Album Review

Great Collapse are the melodic supergroup, formed of ex-members of talented bands such as Death By Stereo, Rise Against and fronted by Strike Anywhere vocalist Thomas Barnett.

As Barnett claims, the songs on Neither Washington Nor Moscow…Again are rather ‘angular’, and rough around the edges to really add to their finesse of visceral punk rock. Of course, the visceral angular tracks such as ‘Atomic Calendar’ and ‘Colony Blackout’ bring the dark anger and hatred quite clearly, the overall ideas of ‘horror’ that are said to be brought in the tracks however are lost behind a wave of angsty, similar sounding punk tracks spanning the course of 11 tracks. As Barnett states, ‘We wanted to give a sound to the feeling of catching up to the present’ and that they do.

Yet, the truth is that this record is just one long running crash of banded guitars, drums etc with not much depth that can be easily reached during the first few listens. ’Patient Zero Comes Home’ and its counterparts on the record do bring about that cathartic rush and anger that many may need listening to such an album about the world, but in the end, the catharsis and gratification can only span for so long over the record. Its easily said that listening to one or two tracks at a time from ‘Neither Washington Nor Moscow…Again’ is fine, but as a whole it may get a little repetitive in the end.

There's plenty of elements to invest your time in throughout the album, and there are moments where proceedings hit a real high - but consistency soon becomes the bands biggest horcrux, and the quality is never sustained for a long enough period to truly satisfy you. While this album isn’t displeasing, there just seems to be a constant push to want something a little more. It’s not a brilliant masterpiece, nor a catastrophic meltdown, instead just perhaps above average.

Score: 5/10 Facebook:/GreatCollapse Twitter: @GreatCollapse1


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