Hexis: ‘XII’ – EP Review

Hexis, a vibration from the underneath of both Denmark and Italy for a sound inspired by Black Metal and Hardcore, are eight years in the running. Boasting to be the best of both worlds with an aggressive stance for the future. They have, as most good Black Metal does, rise from the ashes of the undergrowth of many scenes. It is perhaps not surprising that despite their eight-year maturity that they’ve survived underneath the surface.

XII, off the back of 2017’s second full length Tando Ashanti, marks a solid aggressive push for the band to spread more fires. The rough vocals amount to a grim snarl over oppressive and forceful instruments. Surprisingly holding nothing back to launch straight into the blunt force trauma of ‘Dereictus’ the EP surprisingly runs the unfortunate cause of blurring songs before aggressively reigniting the fire with ‘Miseria’.

The influences are decidedly Black and evil as the guitars burn on in drones of violence. It never quite seems to show much of the signature moments of hardcore but instead keeps to a solid influence of the weight of the darker sides of music.

An EP that shows a passionate cry for a band that is well accomplished in their own rights but only go as far as an impassioned call for murder that never stops and never dies. But, for all its strengths it just never goes anywhere other than the similar. Songs forget each other and though some masterfully corrupt the darkness, they never go too far ahead of the rest.


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