Kaoteon - Damnatio Memoriae | Album Review

Originally originating from Beirut, and now situated in Amsterdam, hailing as a one off collaboration between “legends of the Lebanese metal scene” and technical death metal bass wizard Linus Klausenltzer (Obscura) and blast beat machine Fredrik Widigs (Marduk). Kaoteon bring forth from the depths their sophomore release Damnatio Memoriae.

For those who are fans of the aforementioned bands, you will not be disappointed. Damnation Memoriae is a flurry of blackened death metal with a knife-point edge, similar to artists like Behemoth and Watain. Every track blasts and shrieks its way throughout with unrelenting force, not letting its foot off the gas for a single second. Riffs made for banging your head in the name of Satan. The record has a strong backbone, highlighted by the guest musicians, who display some very impressive musicianship throughout the record.

As heavy as this record may be however, you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard it all before. Kaoteon are far from reinventing the wheel on this record. However Damnatio Memoriae stands tall on it’s own two feet above the pack. With many imitators failing to create something interesting despite the blueprints being set out by many others. Kaeteon definitely do not fall amongst those ranks.

Whist not bringing anything new to the table, Kaoteon have produced a great black/death metal record. For purists of the genre or anyone keen on the collaborative artists, this is arguably an essential purchase. Either that or wait and pray to the dark lord for a new Behemoth record this year. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/kaoteon