Ektomorf: 'Fury' - Album Review

Every once in a while you get a band that just has some sexy riffs to them. It’s powerful in a 'get your head banging' kind of way. Ektomorf are a Hungarian Groove or Thrash Metal outfit from Hungary and are beginning to make that push into everyone’s ears. Fury is actually their thirteenth album as they’ve been going since 1994. It might be a little late but they’re certainly starting to get some recognition.

Fury starts energetically enough but it’s worth waiting around for the riffs to really progress. This is certainly demonstrated by ‘The Prophet of doom’, that starts energetically with a furious Thrash riff but really shines through later on in the song. Likewise, the album feels like this. Though early tracks like ‘AK 47’ and ‘Bullet in Your Head’ do this as well, later tracks like ‘Blood for Blood’ and ‘Skin Them Alive’ really take advantage of the best of groovy punchy riffs. It’s as if the band starts with an energetic power that suddenly gets turned up a notch when you didn’t think it could get any better.

Complimenting this is an almost, at times, Death Metal sounding kind of shout but more often closer to a Machine Head sounding voice. Actually as if like the best of Machine Head and it certainly wouldn’t be too lost amongst them. It is in fact, particularly with the vocals that Ektomorf are actually taking a heavier stance than previous releases and to the bands credit. As if Fury was an impassioned cry for their kind of murderous outrage.

Actually quite a solid album throughout but with only a few songs falling to the darkness of what could have been but never for too long as another song will pick things back up that significant notch. Ektomorf appear to be on a strength and we can only hope they keep it up and provide even more fierce riffs like some of these.

Score: 8/10

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