Introducing...Bar Fight

Good ol’ Cheltenham. Home of the ever-inconspicuous GCHQ, various prestigious institutes of academia and above all else, a thriving hardcore scene. Gloucestershire hardcore posse Bar Fight are one the key acts within this surprisingly bustling circle, and one that’s rightfully creeping into the respective national scene's spotlight.

Currently in the process of recording their third EP, whilst hardcore is stereotypical perceived as a rather preachy and righteous genre at times, Bar Fight lie on the opposite end of this respective spectrum. Released in 2016, the Sucker Punch EP documented the finer things in life, such as smashing pints, getting messy at away days and slamming even more bevs on the way home. Gritty and evidently DIY, it’s a release that celebrated self-indulgence, hedonism whilst revelling in underground ambience and conscious humour.

With this in mind, a level of sloppiness could be suggested. This honestly couldn’t be more false. Tight and abrasive, the group embrace an appealing DIY aesthetic whilst possessing a flair and aptitude for the delicate art of rowdy hardcore. Such sonic grit becomes a major element within their set where one factor reigns supreme: having a fucking good and raucous time.

Their third EP is due to launch sometime in the coming months, but for now check out the Sucker Punch EP here and make sure to catch them if you like your hardcore intoxicated and intimate.