Terraborn: 'Call to War' - EP Review

Sitting firmly within a militant call to aggression lies a very particular kind of Thrash. Sometimes tinted with Death to produce a purely violent sound. The problem with many bands is that they blur into a sheer need to be fast and powerful and forget everything else. Terraborn are new on the scene but have been forming ever since 2015 and their new EP, Call to War, marks a crucial step forward for the band.

Their sound boasting a snarling, deathlike compliment of deep growls, whilst otherwise remaining firmly fast and raw. The odd sound of bells or cocking guns actually bring forth the more melodic tendencies to a band that likes it deep and firmly groove metal in a way that recalls Dethklok of Devildriver.

Despite these moments holding these bands in the passionate enough to fight for the bands growth, they also run the risk of holding the band back. Running the risk of a catchy riff or chorus, unfortunately repeated to be drummed in. Whilst a complicated array of drumming actually keeps things unique in a way that recalls Gene Hoglan of Strapping Young Lad.

Surprisingly a mature and well-rounded sound for the bands EP. Call to War could easily find its way through the sea of Metal into your ears for better or worse. It is with tracks like ‘Hypocrisy’ that runs the risks for the band whilst subtler and less forced songs like ‘Nations Wake’ actually feels more accomplished than the aforementioned cry out.


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