Feed The Rhino - The Silence | Album Review

Storming out of the gates back in 2008 with a debut loaded to the nines with a UK take on Every Time I Die meets Cancer Bats southern fried metalcore/hardcore hybrid riffs. Feed the Rhino were a furious sight to behold. Taking the country by storm, backed by a strong work ethic. Cultivating in some critically acclaimed albums and a top notch main stage performances at Reading and Leeds festival.

After a four year wait, Feed the Rhino are back with a brand new record The Silence. Sadly, with the new record, long gone are the hardcore infused mosh riffs we were compelled to stage dive to back in the day. Replaced with what can only be described as stereotypical bog standard metal riffs, almost Nu-Metal sounding in delivery. Also making a disappearing act is the aggression that made you want to punch your mate in the face. Instead you’ve got stereotypical modern metalcore clean/screamed vocals that make you yearn back for the early days of 'Mr. Red Eye'.

What you find instead is a more rock driven record that goes for radio rock friendly hooks rather than balls to the wall mosh anthems. Finish this off with the standard completely unnecessary ballad epic and you’re set to go. Looking back at the standard this band set themselves so early on in their career, you can only feel like this record is a far cry of what this band is capable of.

Understandably bands can and want to evolve, progress into new directions across their career, but this feels like a step in the wrong direction. What was once a band that could light an inferno inside you, with this couldn’t even spark up your hob on the gas cooker.

The delivery on The Silence is executed well, and for the standard rock and/or metal fan you may even get some enjoyment out of this record. However for most folk, save your cash and have a look for something more deserving on the metal section of HMV. There’s a lot better out there. Score: 4/10 Facebook:/feedtherhino Twitter: @feedtherhino