Gnaw Their Tongues: 'Genocidal Majesty' - Album Review

Gnaw Their Tongues are an out there, incredibly interesting, incredibly experimental band. Where bands like Aborym or The Berzerker add industrial twinges to their Extreme Metal, Gnaw Their Tongues add Extreme Metal to their experimental Industrial. In the darkest reaches of the black of Extreme Metal, bands and artists not only push boundaries but revel in the unsettling sounds that gives their music that sense of extreme evil. Such is Black Metal and such are many of the bands that are lost within these circles that take the experimental and unsettling atmospheres of Black Metal to a new level. Enter Gnaw Their Tongues. Though violent and aggressive at times, albums by this band remain like numerous experiments with music but always with this experimental edge. No wonder that Gnaw Their Tongues are mostly the brainchild of Maurice de Jong. 2018 gives rise to a new album by Gnaw Their Tongues, Genocidal Majesty, and it’s hard to know exactly what to expect.

Firstly, don’t sit alone in an abandoned warehouse without any light listening to this album non-stop. Experimental and industrial it certainly is and the way it twists sounds keeps each song to be unnerving. An experimental cold reach out to your spine through your ears. But that being said it is hard to recommend an album like this. The first signs of a powerful track come with the sheer relentlessness given to ‘Ten Bodies Hanging’, where the album starts to focus its random slashes from the darkness. Easily this could make for a soundtrack to a slaughter within dusty broken houses, but for regular listening we move in and out. ‘Cold Oven’ feels like another height to the album, taking the methodology of the album and turning it up a notch and it is haunting when it all comes together.

Most songs feel like a well accomplished bonus track. There to play with expectations and set an atmosphere for a main event, but that’s just it, this is the main evet. If you haven’t gotten used to Gnaw Their Tongues yet, then perhaps you never will; and if you have, then perhaps this is exactly what to expect from them. It certainly hits an atmosphere and drags the corpse up to eleven. It’s almost magical when the songs do get through but it’s hard to be sure with the rest of the album.

Genocidal Majesty is another unsettling experiment but it’s from a band who have made their career on unsettling experiments. It shows a random but somehow matured sound. Firmly they have gone completely into the insanity of a broken mind and have torn out the nightmares there, that they have reached. Certainly, it is offered to us with a creepy smile. As the final song is entitled: it’s a ‘Void Sickness’, ready for your consumption.


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