Whilst post-hardcore may be seen as something of a stereotypically clichéd and fatigued genre as of late, Winchester are an act to disprove such claims. Despite only recently forming, the trio have displayed a level of flair and skill with their debut full length, Life Begins At These Dead Ends. It's a release that breathes new life into an exhausted genre whilst hinting at what heights this band could achieve in years to come.

Whilst post-hardcore may be the solidified foundation of this record, the group show a surprising amount of finesse in incorporating elements and tropes of other relatable yet distinctive genres into their work. Moments of metalcore, technical metal and melodic rock shine through beautifully within their work without ever feeling forced or clumsily shoved into the spotlight. Truly, the subtle intertwinement of differing genres isn't an area in which most emerging acts excel in, but the band make such a skill look effortless and rudimentary.

Album producer Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Gallows, Sikth) has done a fantastic role in amplifying such writing and sonic talents and has forged this release into one that is parallel to the work of high profile acts in terms of production and sound quality. It's extremely impressive that such a young band posses the skill to write and physically create material that can be painlessly compared to the prominent work of their evident inspirations.

With their first shows under their collective belt, Winchester have already raised a few eyebrows and are most likely an act set to appear on your own radar soon enough. Stream Life Begins At These Dead Ends here and check out the video for 'Diamond' below.


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