Introducing... Underdark

Like your metal black, post- and shoegaze-y with atmosphere thicker than molasses? Nottingham’s Underdark might just have you covered. Melding the atmospherics of Wolves In The Throne Room with the navel-gazing of Deafheaven and progressive tendencies, Underdark create a raw and primal sound that envelops you and draws you into its murky depths.

Their upcoming split with fellow black metallers Antre showcases both bands admirably. The Winterfylleth-esque soundscapes of Underdark contrast with the more immediate and aggressive stylings of Antre, though both bands draw from similar influences, conjuring a post-black metal dripping with atmosphere.

Underdark/Antre releases March 3rd, co-released by Callous Records, FHED Records and Grandad Records.

It was recorded and mixed by Ian Boult at Stuck On A Name Studios and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studios.


Underdark - The Smell of Autumn

Antre - Hand of Fire

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