If you cast your mind back to 2013, you might remember a certain San Francisco act called Deafheaven bursting into the scene. Whilst blackgaze was already an established genre and movement, albeit perceived as something niche, the act arose to prominence thrusting this stereotypically unapproachable genre into the spotlight. Whilst some have disregard the genre’s surfacing as nothing more than a flash in the pan, the recent emergent of many a blackgaze act has shown it’s here to stay. One such act, Møl, are clearly destined to be among the leaders of such a prolonged movement.

Hailing from the Danish city of Aarhus, whilst the act officially formed in 2013 it only took them approximately 3 years to receive notable recognition within their domestic metal scene. 2016 marked the release of their second EP, the group winning various prestigious awards, performing a set at the acclaimed Danish Spot Festival and the group signing a management deal in order to expand their reach. Of course, all of this was propelled by that aforementioned EP, simply titled II.

Expansive and cavernous, the release proved to be an amalgamation of the groups differing influences, ultimately resulting in something unique and unparalleled. Throughout the fog of shoegaze, moments of alt-rock and post-rock loomed large, conjuring a sound that was both simultaneously voluminous and claustrophobic. Within the release, convulsing canyons of terrible static eventually give way to towering ethereal euphoria and sombre moments of reflection metamorphose to intense sonic bombardments. It may sound cliché to call it a journey, but well, that’s the best way to describe it.

Since then Møl have recorded their debut full length and have signed to the fantastic Holy Roar Records, home to many contemporary and celebrated acts within their respective scene. Their debut album, titled JORD, will launch April 13th and is destined to excel the act to new heights and will see the band at their most creative and refined. Originally premiering on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, lead single 'Penumbra' is available for streaming here and be sure to listen to II below.

Møl Bandcamp