Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It | Album Review

Following a near thirteen year career, Rolo Tomassi have been producing some of the best and obscure heavy music in the United Kingdom since their inception. Always producing top-notch quality music, yet forever progressing forwards, whilst continuing to be one of the hardest working bands in their scene. With their previous album Grievances being their best release yet, one would struggle to see how anyone could top this, but most bands aren’t Rolo Tomassi.

Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It is Rolo Tomassi’s fifth album, and to be frank: It’s fucking excellent. This album sits as the crown jewel upon a throne of near perfection. Taking all of the best, most refined parts of Grievances, mixed with small segments of their earlier material, while turning up the intensity to eleven coupled with overblown, epic songwriting. Add all of these anomalies together and you get a pretty perfect result, or in this case you get Time will die…

Melodic ambient introduction track ‘Towards Dawn’ bleeds in with unsettling synthesizers before leading into follow up track ‘Aftermath’. Straight away they kick off proceedings with a post-rock heavy buildup, showcasing some fantastic clean-sung vocals from vocalist Eva Spence.

Backing up the vocals is some beautiful melodies from the guitarist Chris Cayford. Reminding you of Godspeed You Black Emperor and This Will Destroy you, before kicking into a huge soaring chorus of the most epic proportions. First single ‘Ritual’ brings in the heavier aspects of what we all know and loved about Rolo Tomassi from previous efforts. With its almost black metal edge similar to Oathbreaker and Deafheaven, with jagged synths overlaying reminding you again of the earlier mathcore-esqe material they cut their teeth on.

The rest of the album follows suit with what’s already been mentioned, without ever repeating itself or sounding dated or boring. If anything, tracks like ‘Balancing the Dark’ are so heavy, it’ll make you want to roundhouse kick someone’s jaw off. Whilst the melodic post rock sections climb to stratospheric levels of intense.

This is by far Rolo Tomassi’s heaviest work to date, and most definitely their finest hour. Where artists normally tend to come up trumps in their career, Rolo Tomassi seem to be only just kicking off into their stride. The best part of Time Will Die and Love Will Bury it is that it hints at where else they can go further with this, which is something to be truly excited about. You’ll definitely be seeing this album on end of 2018 lists for certain. Score: 10/10 Facebook:/rolotomassiofficial Twitter: @rolotomassiband


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