Affasia: 'Adrift in Remorse' - EP Review

Metal has a tendency to lend itself to experimental song structures and epic sounding riffs. For some this sense of atmosphere is a powerful tool whilst to others it holds back the intensity of the heavy riffs. For those who feel it is a tool can find many of the offbeat and peculiar bands arising from beneath the surface. Taking roots from Melodic Metal, Doom and Shoegaze, Affasia are one of the bands just beneath the surface, energetically rising – but slowly. Adrift in Remorse is their debut EP but it feels important for them; having been initially released digitally, to be then pulled for a Transcending Records release in the end of February 2018.

Slow but brutal, the music feels its way forward. Whilst piano and synth keep a rooted melodic feel to each song. Haunting vocals layer from a deep growl to a metal hymn much like Ulver. Each song feels drawn out and atmospheric and yet matured. As if they had been made and remade over again. Perhaps this is some ways true. Affasia go as far back as 2012 and Adrift in Remorse marks their debut release. It is long matured and the sound confidently melodic, atmospheric and heavily cemented in Metal. This power builds with each song into an energy bursting forth from the EP, perfectly climaxing with ‘As You Never Were’. Here it blasts open and lies dead.

For a debut EP, Adrift in Remorse feels far too well thought out. Its style is very distinct from the very start and offers at least one powerful song by the end. Unfortunately for all its power and melodic atmospheres it only seems to go so far. Despite being memorable and making an impact it just doesn’t have the strength that many other bands have. But most started terribly, and to see an EP this noteworthy, this early, fees like an anticipation of something yet to come. There will be more from Affasia.

Score: 6/10

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