The Pearl Harts - Glitter And Spit | Album Review

The Pearl Harts are self-proclaimed music outlaws who have never done things quietly. This DIY duo have toured extensively for four years and have finally released their debut album, Glitter and Spit. Their sound akin to Royal Blood, you can imagine the two-piece sitting comfortably on any rock festival line up, but their experimentation with harmonies, synths and samples sees them making noise in a way few rock bands do.

‘Black Blood’, the first track on the LP, is sure to draw you in with sleazy guitar hooks and clever lyrics that are dripping with attitude. Echoing vocals from both Kirsty Lowrey and Sara Leigh Shaw, coupled with punchy drums opens the door to the rest of the album, which highlights The Pearl Harts ranging influences and experimentation with sound.

‘Lara’ is where Glitter And Spit is at its most hook laden, filled with sass and a groovy rhythm, this is a contrast to the darker influences the pair have. A bit of light-hearted fun, the anthemic chorus creates a bouncy, care-free sound which truly benefits the album. ‘Bonfires’ is another change of heart for the duo, with huge swaggering guitars and drawling vocals. Subtle harmonies and a chugging bass line suggests there’s nothing The Pearl Harts won’t attempt.

Perfectly pairing punk and pop is ‘The Chief’; distorted guitars play a flexible rhythm and powerful vocals sing a melodic chorus. The focal point for this is the guitars, the groove and sound that they create makes for a captivating track.

Samples, loops, and groovy riffs feature in ‘Hurt’. It’s slow to start but quickly launches into a hard-hitting chorus with venomous lyrics and a whole load of sass. If one track were to summarise the entire LP, it would be this one; the guitars and punchy drums with gentle harmonies and echoing vocals in the bridge show just what this record is about.

Glitter and Spit struggles to be coherent – the ranging styles and influences have the tracks sounding a little all over the place and it lacks a single theme running throughout, despite this it unquestionably has a lot of attitude, passion and power behind it. For a DIY band to create this suggests there’s a lot learnt over their years together, and that they intend to keep learning and growing.

Score: 6.5/10 Facebook:/thepearlharts Twitter: @ThePearlHarts


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